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I have a job now

2013-01-11 19:20:26 by Gobblemeister

I hope I don't get fired

I look this woman dead in the windows of her soul

Oh ho ho Dr. Gellar, stop it, you're being silly...

I don't want to know the man who doesn't think this is the most romantic song Kels has ever put to a beat....


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2013-02-10 01:09:45

this is my ghost typing

my physical self died laughing at that comic

Gobblemeister responds:



2013-02-10 02:18:24

Nintendo should let people send in their ideas for new Pokemon.

Gobblemeister responds:

dude, gay


2013-02-24 22:27:04

Pinch a loaf.


2013-02-24 22:27:24

Pinch a loaf.


2013-02-25 23:06:33

i've put in several different unicodes and none of them worked so you've got me right where you want me on the blank-posting issue

(Updated ) Gobblemeister responds:

Ye I do



2013-04-06 01:35:35

At first I was like, but then I was all, yeah,

Gobblemeister responds:

uh huh


2013-04-25 11:51:38

The whole thing but also 1.56.

Gobblemeister responds:

Ross had a cool mustache

His and Chandler's Miami Vice phase was hella sick


2013-04-26 02:13:21

Ross thinking to himself may just be my most favourite Friends moment ever.

Gobblemeister responds:

"I haven't had sex in a really long time"

Vintage Ross Geller


2013-05-12 02:03:04

i hope you get fired for not being radical and sick enough *shreds away on a guitar and skateboards away*

Gobblemeister responds:

It'd be like my stint with Al Queda all over again!


2013-06-01 01:54:49

candy paint

Gobblemeister responds:

Grippin on the wood grain


2013-06-07 18:07:21

so much blood, sweat, tears and shovels to the face and i prevailed

i'll laugh even harder every time i look at addicts fruit thread from now on

btw, guy below is isslm's alt

Gobblemeister responds:

Blank posting is a great power, and a great responsibility...

and I ain't even know who that is