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The Rapefunk EP has Dropped...

2013-08-14 20:40:11 by Gobblemeister

My debut mixtape/EP/Tour De Force/ Dissertation has just dropped on Bandcamp...

You might be wondering 'But Gobblemeister why would I download the single most important collection of tracks since Craig David's Born To Do It if I can just download all the tracks on Newgrounds???'

Well while the initiated may scoff at such a prospect I am glad to let you all know that there is some extra incentive for you all to download this totally free (just like rape) EP thing. In it are a staggering, whopping, breathtaking 5 bonus tracks.

You heard me

That five, cinco, cinq, 5, %, 4 + 1 this is real shit right now

So yeah czech it out because you know it's gonna be worth it

As Rapefunk scholar Barnabus J Queef wrote in his dissertation for Women's Studies "This collection of Rapefunk tracks is truly the largest step forward in the advancement of women's rights since puttin the pussy on a pedestal was first engineered by Rhonda B Trippin'

The Rapefunk EP has Dropped...


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2013-08-16 02:29:37

Yo i am mad familiar with Rhonda B's dissertation and i agree

Gobblemeister responds:

It was Barnabus' dissertation you IDIOT!


2013-08-16 02:29:40

tha game done changed

Gobblemeister responds:

Real Bad Guy Shit